What is Fixed Asset Revaluation?

What is Fixed Asset Revaluation?

Fixed Asset revaluation is usually only applicable to buildings. A building may be revalued due to change in market conditions or after renovation and improvements. Your accounting policies will determine when a building should be professionally and independently revalued. A building may also be revalued at the point of sale (if it sells for more than its Balance Sheet value). If you are unsure about whether to revalue the asset and how to record this, you should check with your independent examiner, auditor or qualified accountant.

How do I add a Revaluation?

An asset must be recorded within the Fixed Asset register as 'freehold property', to enable the 'Add Revaluation' button to appear. To check this, within the Fixed Asset register, click on the asset in question (anywhere on the row in the table), click 'Edit Asset Details', and then check the radio button at the bottom of the pop-up is set correctly.

Once the asset is set as 'Freehold Property' the '+' icon to the right-hand side of the table row will now give the option to add a revaluation as well as to record depreciation. 

After recording the date and value of the revaluation, the Fixed Assets register will now display an additional column to show the revaluation.

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