Can I still submit Gift Aid claims manually via the HMRC portal

ExpensePlus integrates directly with HMRC, so you can submit Git Aid claims at the click of a button directly from within ExpensePlus (i.e. there is no need to submit claims via the HMRC portal!)

Should you decide you still wish to submit a claim manually via the HMRC portal, then here is detailed guidance on how you do this. Please note, if you have any problems signing into HMRC or submitting claims from within the HMRC website, please contact HMRC (not the ExpensePlus Support Team).

(1) Go to the HMRC Gift Aid website, click the 'Start Now' button, then enter your details;

(2) Once signed in, click the 'Claim Tax back on donations' link (as shown below);

Note: If you don't see this option, you will need to click the 'get online access to a tax, duty, or scheme' link at the top of the page to request this to be added to your account.

(3) Click 'Make a charity repayment claim' (or 'Continue with charity repayment claim' if you have started the claim previously);

(4) Click the checkbox, and enter the fields as shown below (we'd highly recommend you make any GASDS claims separately and select 'No' to this option on this screen);

(5) Enter the organisation's details then click 'Next';

(6) Select the file you downloaded from ExpensePlus and copy it into the HMRC template file, then click 'Next';

(7) The screen will show the imported spreadsheet. Click 'Next';

(8) The Screen will show a warning about incorrectly claiming. Click 'Next' if you are happy;

(9) You will then see a confirmation screen regarding the attachment. Click 'Next';

(10) Click 'Next';

(11) select the checkbox and click 'Next';

(12) Complete the security step by entering your login details as prompted on-screen, and you are done (you will see the confirmation screen).

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