How do I import donors?

As part of setting up ExpensePlus, we recommend that you import donor information (including Gift Aid declaration details) since this saves having to manually enter this information later, which can take much longer.

Important Note: You can't import donor information for donors that already exist within ExpensePlus

How to import donors

(1) Select 'Import Donors' within the Manage Donors screen

(2) Download the template file and copy and paste your donor data into this. If you don't have a database with these details that you can export and copy and paste into this, you may wish to get this information from a recent Gift Aid claim that you have submitted, as most details you need will be in that file.

Note: If you are using ChurchSuite to claim Gift Aid, the only donor information that needs to be within ExpensePlus is the donor's First and Last Name. Also, we'd recommend that you DON'T import donor declaration details (since you will then have and need to manage data in two places) and for simplicity and GDPR optimisation, keeping these details solely within one database is preferable. 

(3) Upload the data file into ExpensePlus

Where you complete all required fields for a donor, both the donor and associated Gift Aid declaration will be added on import. If any required information is not entered e.g. a donor's postcode is missing, then the donor will still be imported, but without a Gift Aid Declaration (which will need to be manually added by selecting the donor within the Manage Donors screen,  and select 'Add New' within the 'Gift Aid Declaration' section for that donor).

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