How do I download my Barclaycard Statement as .CSV?

Important: These instructions are for Barclaycard accounts. For instructions on how to download Barclays statements, click here.

You can download .CSV statements from most credit or business card providers including Barclaycard, but you may need to search around for where this option exists.  In our experience, Barclaycard doesn't make it at all easy to find on their online portal.  

Here is what you need to do:

There is a standard report available in the BCOS portal called ‘Custom General Transaction Report’. This report is an Excel version of your statement. Here are instructions on how to run and schedule this. You will need to run/schedule the report for each entity.

Standard Reporting:

  • Sign In to your Barclaycard account (if you are a business Barclaycard customer using this sign-in link;
  • To run a report, select the Reports tab;
  • Click Run;
  • Search for the required report in the search box found under ‘Report Name’ (e.g. Custom General Transaction Report). Alternatively, use the search box;
  • Once the report has been selected skip to option 4 – Frequency;
  • Choose the option of 'required frequency', and insert a required date range;
  • Once options are created click Submit Request.
If the report is available immediately, it can be found in the ‘Reports’ tab – ‘Dashboard’ (although it still takes a few minutes to move from 'scheduled' and appear in the 'complete' tab).

Note: if scheduling on a monthly basis select ‘Schedule Offset – 1 day’, which means that you will receive the report a day later, however it will allow the system to ‘catch up’ and produce all required data within the selected date range.

Note: the transactions in the report created don't appear in date order so you may wish to sort the data in the downloaded spreadsheet (by column D, 'FIN.POSTING DATE').

To better understand the Bank Reconciliation module, please view the module overview video here.

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