My Bank Deposit has disappeared. How can I find it?

Unmatched bank deposits remain listed, both in the Bank Deposit screen and the relevant Bank Matching screen (for the corresponding account) until matched.

If, when seeking to reconcile the transaction in Bank Matching, you can't find the deposit listed first visit the Bank Matching screen to see if it is still shown. 

If the Bank Deposit is listed as unmatched on this screen, but is not available to match against your bank statement, it is likely that you have recorded the deposit against a different account. Open up the transaction to change the account allocation.

If the bank deposit is no longer listed on the 'Bank Deposit screen':

  • either been deleted by a user (in which case it needs to be recreated)
  • or it has already been matched (perhaps in error) to another transaction of the same value. Try searching through your account statements within ExpensePlus to track down where it has been matched, and then un-match if necessary.

To help you better understand the Bank Deposit module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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