How do I maintain donor confidentiality?

ExpensePlus is a fully customisable system with various levels of permissions and visibility that can be set to help maintain donor confidentiality. Permissions are set either by User, User Role, or as a System Setting.

User & User Role Permissions

The 'Finance User' and 'Auditor' user roles provide visibility of your donor information, as their roles provide an 'all-access pass' (although the auditor is view only). Although, if the system setting is customised accordingly, their view of donor reports will still be anonymised (see below), these users can also access 'Manage Donors', 'Bank Reconciliation' and 'Manage Settings' where donor names can be viewed (or permission settings adjusted). Therefore, if a specific user is not permitted or does not require the ability to see donor details, please select another user role for them. There are 6 default roles but you can also create and customise your own. 

Within each specific user profile, you can choose which income categories a user can view at a transactional (detailed) level. If the user is just ticked for summary, they will purely see month totals. If 'transactional' is selected, they will see a line-by-line breakdown, although depending on the other settings in use (see below), donor anonymity may still be maintained.

When customising a User Role, ensure the preference for 'Bank Reconciliation - View and Reconcile all' is set correctly, as a user who can view the bank statements will be able to see the donor name within the description of the bank statement line (as you would if you looked at a paper statement). 

By scrolling down this table, you can also specify a number of different preferences about the accessibility of Donor reports, although once again there is a further option enabling you to anonymise data from these reports on the System Settings menu. Leaving the options (below) unchecked, will remove access to the donor reports.

Please note - the exclamation symbols adjacent to 'Gift Aid Claims' and ChurchSuite Export' warn you that donor names are always visible on these reports, and therefore access to these reports should only be granted to users where this is necessary. This is all applicable to the 'All Transactions' finance report, where donor names cannot be hidden.

Within the System Settings menu, you can customise whether donor names are hidden or shown in the Bank Deposit screen, in Finance Reports (other than the All Transactions report), and in Donor reports (other than the Gift Aid and ChurchSuite Export report). Where names are hidden the reports will show in an anonymised fashion. 

The screenshot below shows an example of an anonymised donor report.

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