Changing your financial year date

Within the System Settings screen are your financial year start and end dates. These should exactly match the accounting periods used to create your annual accounts.

Changing your financial year-end start date with the charities commission

If you either have a non-standard financial year start date (perhaps because you've never updated this since your charity became registered) OR you would like your financial year to be adjusted (perhaps your organisation currently budgets and reports per tax year, but would find it useful to move to per calendar year), then it's very straightforward to make this change, and this link provides further information.

Where this is done, you will have a financial year that is not the usual 12 months in length, since your current financial year is either shortened or lengthened so that subsequent financial years begin on the desired date.

NOTE: If you change your year-end date with charities commission then it's REALLY important you make this change within ExpensePlus straight away - If you don't, the year-end process within ExpensePlus will run on the incorrect date, and you won't be able to make this change retrospectively.

Changing your financial year-end start date within ExpensePlus

Your accounting periods within ExpensePlus need to match the accounting periods on which you create accounts, so only once you have officially changed your organisation's financial year should you make this update within ExpensePlus.

To make the change within ExpensePlus, click the 'edit' button to the right within the financial year's section in the system setting screen, then in the popup that appears you will be able to adjust the end date of your current financial year.

ExpensePlus is able to handle financial years that aren't the typical 12 months in length really well, and all of the financial and donation reports within ExpensePlus will correctly display the financial months (or part months).

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