Gift Aid Settings

Gift Aid Settings
ExpensePlus enables you to submit claims directly to HMRC at the click of a button. Before you can do this, you will need to add your HMRC details within Gift Aid Settings. 
The details entered into the Gift Aid Settings screen need to  exactly match those held by HMRC otherwise your claim will be rejected and will need to be resubmitted. 
Note: the authorised official's details need to match the details held by HMRC (regardless of who submits the claim from within ExpensePlus).

Frequently Asked Questions

When I click 'submit' on the Gift Aid Settings screen, my details are rejected

Firstly, do check that you have completed all required fields. When entering details into this screen, we send a validation request to HMRC to verify the user ID and User Password fields are correct. If these are rejected by HMRC then we'd recommend that:

(1) Double-check that the user name and user password you have entered in ExpensePlus are correct (the most common issue, is a mistyped user ID or password)
(2) Sign in to the HMRC Online Gift Aid Portal with the user ID and password you are trying to enter into ExpensePlus (this will rule out the possibility of someone having changed the password)
(3) Try once again to submit your details within the Gift Aid Settings screen in ExpensePlus (this will rule out your HMRC account needing you to sign in before connecting within ExpensePlus)
If you are still having issues, you will need to phone HMRC (contact details can be found within the HMRC Online Gift Aid Portal)

What if my organisation doesn't have a charity number?

If your organisation doesn't have a charity number, then you need to set the regulator field to 'None'

Should I enter my own details as the Authorised Official if I'm submitting the Gift Aid Claims?

No, the Authorised Official's details need to match the details HMRC has on file as your registered Authorised Official (whoever clicks the submit button to make a claim isn't relevant as far as this information is concerned).

(if any of the information HMRC holds is incorrect or out of date, then you will need to update this using HMRC's ChV1 form).

The details I've entered have been rejected by HMRC, what should I do?

Firstly, double-check all the fields you have entered EXACTLY match the details you believe HMRC has for your charity.

Unfortunately, we simply send the details you have entered in your Gift Aid Settings screen to HMRC as part of your claim, so if you have entered all fields 100% correctly and they fully match what HMRC has on file, they will accept claims sent from within ExpensePlus, and if they don't fully match, they will reject the claim - it's really that simple. 

As HMRC doesn't feedback on which field they are rejecting, this isn't something we can help you with, and you will need to contact HMRC.

I've corrected my Gift Aid details - how do I resubmit a rejected claim?

Within the Gift Aid Screen, click the 'update claim status' button to the right of the rejected claim to reset the claim

You will then be able to resubmit the claim to HMRC by clicking the 'tick' button to the right of the claim.

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