How do I delete a fund?

ExpensePlus gives you the option to delete or close a fund. Normally, you'd only delete a fund if it has never been used or was added by mistake. Otherwise, funds should be retained or closed when no longer in use. 

To delete a fund:

  • Go to 'Manage Settings' -> 'Funds'
  • Click the 'delete' icon to the right of the fund you want to delete (bin icon)

Note: If the bin icon is greyed out, then there are transactions coded to this fund in the current or a prior financial year. Or, the opening balance was not zero. Hover over it to find out why it is greyed out.

To close a fund:

Within the Funds settings screen, use the 'X' button at the end of the row to close a fund.

Funds can only be closed at the end of a financial year when they have a zero balance with no outstanding loans, creditors or debtors.

If the 'X' button is greyed out, you cannot close the fund because either:

  1. There have been transactions in the current financial year - you need to wait until the end of the financial year to close it. To check whether there have been transactions in the fund, check in the Transaction (by Fund) report
  2. The fund balance and/or the assets and liabilities that make up this balance are not zero at the end of the financial year - check the Balance Sheet (by Fund) report.

Top tip: hover over the greyed out button on the Fund Settings screen to see the reason why the button is greyed out.

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