How do I update a payment wrongly marked as paid OR marked as paid from the wrong bank account?

How do I update a payment wrongly marked as paid?

If you have accidentally marked a payment as paid OR you have marked it as paid from the wrong bank account, then these issues are easy to fix. If you've incorrectly set the paid date, there is no need to try and rectify this, as the payment date automatically gets updated when you reconcile payments to bank transactions as part of the bank reconciliation process. 

How to update a payment

When a payment is marked as paid it automatically moves to the right-hand table on the bank matching screen for the account selected, ready for when you upload your bank transactions (click here to find out more about bank reconciliation). 

Here is how you edit the payment:

  1. Go to the Bank Reconciliation screen (either from the dashboard, or from the sidebar menu) and click 'match transactions' on the account you selected when confirming the payment

  2. Click the 'edit' button (pencil symbol) to the right of the payment you wish to edit

  3. On this pop-up, you can:
    1. Update the bank account (which will move it to the correct bank matching screen) OR 
    2. Mark the payment as unpaid (which will move the transaction back to the Payment screen) OR
    3. Delete the payment if required

Please note: The option to 'Mark as unpaid' will not appear for Direct Debit, Salary, or Business card purchase types, due to the nature of the transaction.

To help you better understand the Payments module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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