Payments Module Overview

The Payments module shows all expense claims, mileage claims, invoice payments, and gift requests that have been checked, approved, and are ready for payment.

ExpensePlus automatically combines payments for the same payee into an aggregate total, and any new payees or suppliers are highlighted, with their bank details displayed.

Most organisations make payments weekly – setting up the payments shown in ExpensePlus via online banking, and marking these as paid in ExpensePlus. Where a bank account has dual-authorisation, the person authorising payments can view and drill-down into the payment details in ExpensePlus (where this is enabled).

ExpensePlus automatically sends payment notification emails (remittances), avoiding the need for this to be done manually, and helping minimize payment queries.

Once marked as paid, payments automatically appear in the bank reconciliation screen where they can be auto-matched with the corresponding bank transactions when these are uploaded - removing the need to spend hours keying in data from paper forms to create accounts!

Watch this short video to learn more about the Payments Module:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do payment remittance notifications work?
  2. Selecting a Payment Authorisation option when setting up ExpensePlus
  3. How do I update a payment wrongly marked as paid?

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