How can I hide donor names?

Within ExpensePlus, donor names can be hidden or made visible per user.

Note: If a user has the role of 'Finance Team' or 'Independent Examiner' they will automatically see donor names (as this is a requirement of both of these default roles). Consider assigning the user a different user role if you don't wish them to be able to view donor names.

Where donor names are hidden, donor reference numbers will be displayed.

Important: It's not possible to hide donor names in the following places


  • Finance Report: All Transactions (by Match)
  • Finance Report: All Transactions (by Account)
  • Donations Report: Generate Donor Statements
  • Donations Report: Donor Mail Merge Data


  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Petty Cash (if any named petty cash donations are recorded)
  • ChurchSuite Export

Most users shouldn't have been given access to these reports & modules within their user role!

Hiding Donor Names

Within User Settings, you can specify whether donor names are visible or hidden for each user.

By default, donor names are hidden. You can enable a user to view donor names within any reports or modules they have access to. Typically, most users won't have access to the screen where donor names appear anyway, and this won't change.

Where donor names are hidden, donor reference numbers will be shown instead.

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