Why are budget holders not receiving approval emails?

If any of your budget approvers have one or more purchases to approve, then at 7am ExpensePlus will automatically email them with an approval email.

The approval email they receive shows the same level of detail as the approvals screen. It also allows budget approvers to approve purchases at the click of a button from the email, without the need to sign in to ExpensePlus.

If a budget approver isn't receiving an email then either:

a) They have no purchases to approve that day - ExpensePlus will only email a budget approver if they have one or more purchases to approve.

b) They are not the budget approver of the purchase in question - only the budget approver of a purchase will be emailed when it's awaiting approval. Users with permission to approve on other's behalf won't be emailed unless they are the approver of the purchase category.

c) The purchase in question wasn't awaiting approval at 7am - only purchases showing on the approvals screen at 7am will be included in the approval email. For example, if the receipt of the purchase is still waiting to be checked at 7am, then it won't have reached the approvals stage yet.

d) The purchase in question has already been approved - only purchases still needing approval at 7am are included in the approval email. To check who approved a purchase, hover over the 'approval' status icon of the purchase.

e) An approval email was being sent, but it went to the junk email folder of the budget approver - if a purchase is showing on the approvals screen at 7am, and the budget approver it is assigned to is saying they didn't get emailed, then they need to check their junk/spam folder to find the email. If emails are going to the junk folder, we recommend they add approvals@expenseplus.co.uk to their email contact list to avoid this happening again in the future.

To help you better understand the Approvals module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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