Approvals Module Overview

ExpensePlus facilitates your internal approvals process by allowing you to assign each category with a Primary (and Backup) Approver and an agreed budget total. Approvers are automatically notified of requests and can see a real-time view of actual spending versus the agreed budget.

When approval is required, approvers can simply click ‘approve all’ in the morning email they receive to approve expenses at the click of a button without needing to log in. Alternatively, they can open ExpensePlus to scrutinize the request in more detail.

ExpensePlus records a clear audit trail of who approved each expense and when. Where a primary approver submits a purchase against a category that either they or their spouse is an approver of, the expense will automatically be assigned to the backup approver of that category instead.

If an approver is away, or an expense needs to be approved straight away, users with sufficient role permissions can approve on the category approver's behalf (as long as they were not the submitter or the spouse of this person).

Category approvers and budgets are set in the category settings screen. If approvals aren't required for your organisation, then this module can be deactivated in the system settings screen.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Approvals Module: Asked Questions:

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