How do I close a fund?

Funds can only be closed at year-end, and only when:

  • all balance sheet values on the fund have a zero balance (no cash, asset, creditor and debtor values)
  • there are no unreconciled transactions relating to this fund.

A fund balance can be reduced to zero by completing a fund to fund transfer.

To close a fund

  1. Go to fund settings
  2. If the cross icon to the right of the fund shows in white, you can click on it and close the fund.
  3. If the cross icon is greyed out, hover over it to see why you cannot close the fund at this time. It may give the following reasons:
  • The fund has one or more non-zero Balance Sheet values at today's date.
  • The fund has transactions, investment or loan closures in the current financial year, and funds can only be closed at the end of a financial year.

Once you have closed a fund, you can view it by going to 'Manage Closed Funds'.

To help you better understand the Adjustments module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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