How do I add / record a new loan received by the charity?

Your organisation's active or closed loans and mortgages are shown on the Loans Screen.

By default, this shows active loans, although by using the checkbox button at the top, you can also view 'Closed Loans'. 

The receipt of funds from a new loan or mortgage is recorded through the Bank matching screen. 

When bank matching, where money has been deposited into your bank account from a loan provider, you should record this by clicking on the bank transaction in the left-hand table on the bank matching screen, clicking the '+' button, and in the popup that appears, clicking the option of 'Loan or Mortgage'.

In the pop-up that follows you can specify whether this is additional funds from an existing loan or funds from an entirely new loan (by selecting 'Add Loan'). When adding a new loan you will need to specify which 'fund' the money from the loan (and the loan liability) will be allocated to. You can only specify a single fund for this purpose.

The record of loans will then be updated on the Loans screen.

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