Can we have dual approval for purchases?

Dual approval for purchases currently isn't an option within ExpensePlus.

Most organisations have dual authorisation when making payments. This is by far the best financial safeguard your organisation can have - it ensures that at the very minimum two people can check the purchase being paid at the payment stage.

If you combine this with the receipt check and the approval stages within ExpensePlus, then this means multiple people are part of the process, providing sufficient and reasonable safeguards and means that additional approval is not needed.

These are the checks in place in the ExpensePlus process flow:

  1. Receipt Check
  2. Purchase Approval
  3. Payment Setup
  4. Payment Authorisation

Top tip: Dual authorisation within online banking is your ultimate check and balance before funds leave your account. Most banks now offer this as part of their business or commercial offering. 

To help you better understand the Approvals module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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