Selecting a Payment Authorisation option when setting up ExpensePlus

When setting up ExpensePlus, you will be asked to select a Payment Authorisation option.

When your organisation makes payments via your usual payment method (which for most organisations is an online bank transfer):

  • Does one person set up payments with a second person needed to authorise payments - often known as 'dual signature' (a 'two signature' requirement)? OR
  • Does it only require one person to make payments (a 'single signature' requirement)?

We ask this question, so we can set up the payments screen within ExpensePlus to mirror the process you have within your online banking, or with cheques if you write cheques as your usual payment method.

Single Signature

If you select 'Single Signature', your payment screen will be set up like this. When you mark a payment as complete (click the 'tick'), it will move the payment to the bank matching screen and send the remittance email. Find out more about remittance emails here.

Two signatures

If you select 'Two Signatures' your payment screen will be set up like this:

  • with the top table displaying payments that need to be made - to be viewed by the person setting up payments;
  • and the bottom table displaying payments that need to be authorised - to be viewed by the person authorising payments.

Ticking the payment for the first time will move it to the lower 'Payments to Authorise' table.

Ticking for the second time in the lower table will mark the payment as complete, move it to the bank matching screen and send the remittance email.

You can specify a list of 'authorisers' in System Settings who will be emailed on a daily basis when there are payments to authorise. This mimics the approvals notification process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have two different bank providers, one of which is 'two signature' and the other of which is 'single signature'?

You should select the option based on the bank account from which you make the majority of payments.

If you are still unsure, you should select the 'two signature' option.

What if I need to change my Payment Authorisation Requirement?

Within Settings -> System Settings, you can change the Payment Authorisation option you have chosen. If you need any help, please do get in touch using the yellow 'send us a message' button at the top of this page.

To help you better understand the Payments module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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