Task Management Overview

The task management module within ExpensePlus provides an easy way to create monthly finance tasks, assign tasks to different individuals within your team, and keep track of progress.

The 'Template Task Sets' feature provides a quick and efficient way to add recurring tasks e.g. monthly finance tasks.

As well as managing day-to-day, recurring, ongoing and one-off tasks, the task management module also provides a brilliant way to schedule, track and manage year-end tasks.

Tasks that are added can be viewed by everyone in your team who has access to the task management module, or they can be set to private so that only you can see them.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Task Management Module:

How to access the Task Management Module?

The Task Management module can be found near the top of the sidebar menu for users that have been assigned access to this module within their user role. There are quick links from the ExpensePlus Dashboard screen too.

Summary of Helpguide Articles for the Task Management Module

Note: if you are a client portal user, click here to view this separate article about the separate client portal task management feature.

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