Mid-Year Migration - Data Import Service

If however, you are migrating many months' worth of data from your current financial year into ExpensePlus, or you have an overwhelming number of transactions to import, or you are just short of time, it may be cost-effective to use our data import service and let us migrate your data for you. Please note we charge for this service. 

To find out more, just click the 'Send us a Message' link at the top of this page and tell us what you need. We'll email you back, and ask you to send us the spreadsheet of your financial transactions along with your corresponding bank statements in order for us to see the format the data is in. We will confirm the mapping between the two and estimate the time the import will take.

Once we've assessed the data, we'll confirm the cost to you, and you can decide at that point whether you wish to go ahead with using our data import service. The cost is typically around £250+VAT for small churches and charities and around £500+VAT for larger churches and charities.

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