Do you offer Additional Training and Support?

As well as the brilliant free training and support that comes with ExpensePlus, we offer additional training and support.

Typically organisations don't need additional training and support. However, we offer online or on-site training and support if:

  • your organisation would find additional training helpful;
  • or you would like to arrange an on-site visit;
  • or your finances are 'in a bit of a mess' and you need help;
  • or you need help with year-end;
  • or you are new to managing charity accounts;
  • or for any other reason (we are always happy to help!)

What is the cost?

In order to cover our costs (staff time, travel/accommodation, and expenses), we charge a fee for additional training and support. Below are the typical costs:


  • 2 hour session via Zoom - £60 + VAT (the shortest session we offer)
  • Half-day session via Zoom - £100 + VAT
  • Full-day session via Zoom - £180 + VAT


  • Full day - on-site session within 20 miles of Leeds - £200 + VAT
  • Full day - on-site session within 40 miles of Leeds (e.g. Sheffield) usually costs £230-250 + VAT
  • Full day - on-site session within 80 miles of Leeds (e.g. Nottingham or Liverpool) usually costs £270-300 + VAT
  • Full-day - on-site session within 120 miles of Leeds (e.g. Birmingham) usually costs £350-380 + VAT
  • Full-day - on-site session within 200 miles of Leeds (e.g. Bristol or London) usually costs £400-450 + VAT
  • Full day - on-site session within the UK > 200 miles of Leeds, please get in touch for a quote
  • Full-day session at our offices in Leeds - £350 + VAT

What is covered?

We will work with you to create a schedule and outline for the session based on your questions and what you'd like to cover.

This could involve one of our team spending the day with you helping you import data, answering questions and fixing issues. It might look very different. Training could involve us helping you go through more detailed setup questions, train your wider staff team on how to submit purchases and view reports, and/or cover more detailed questions with just your finance team.

How the day flows is up to you, and we will adapt the training and support session to cover everything you want.

If you have any questions or if you would like to find out more about additional training and support, just send us a message at

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