Client Management - Onboarding Process

If your client is already set up on ExpensePlus, you can't add them; your client needs to add you.

To do this, a user with finance team level access from the church or charity in question will need to go to their system settings screen. They need to click the 'edit' button to the right of the organisation details section and select your agency as their independent examiner and/or external bookkeeper. 

Here is a help guide article that you can send to your client which has more information about how to enable access.

If your client doesn't already use ExpensePlus they can register for an account here.

Note: Please enter the church or charity's details on sign-up (not your company's details).

Accepting a new client

When a client adds you as their independent examiner or external bookkeeper, you will see a yellow notification bar at the top of your portal screen (as shown below).

The client will also appear within the table of clients on the portal screen with 'New' next to the client's name. It will say 'Updated' if they were already a client, and they added you as now providing an additional service.

To accept this client, just click the 'Tick' icon to the right of the client and follow the steps in the popup to set their user access. If you need to contact the client, you will see their contact name and email address on your portal screen.

Note: only users with 'Administrator' access will see new clients. Users with basic access won't see new clients until they have been accepted and assigned user access.

As part of the process for accepting a new client, you will be asked to assign which members of your team can access the client.

Note: you can also edit this later - see the section below called 'Updating User Access'.

If you would like to add a new note about a client, click the 'edit' button to the right of the client.

Note: the option to add/edit notes will only appear once you have accepted the client.

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