How do I set up a payment processor account?

This help guide article shows you have to add a payment processor account for payment processors supported by ExpensePlus.

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Setting up a payment processor account

Note: this option is only available for supported payment processor accounts. If the payment process you have is not supported, click here.

  1. Within Settings, go to Bank, Petty Cash & Payment Processor Account Settings.
  2. Under the heading 'Payment Processor Accounts' select 'Add Payment Processor Account'.

  1. In the popup that appears, in the drop-down menu for providers, select your payment processor.
  2. If your payment processor has multiple options for donation methods, you will need to select your default donation method for this payment processor.
  3. You can enter a custom name. This will be the account name that appears on the bank reconciliation screen.
  4. You need to enter an account start date or select 'yes' saying that the account existed before you started using ExpensePlus.
  5. You can choose which users can access the payment processor account on the bank reconciliation screen.

NOTE: Paypal, Square, SumUp and Zettle can have an opening balance at the start of your first financial year within ExpensePlus, and this can be entered as part of setting up the payment processor account. To enter it, you need to first select 'yes' to the question 'Did this Payment Processor exist before you used ExpensePlus?'

To better understand the Bank Reconciliation functionality, please watch the module overview video here.

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