Which payment processors does ExpensePlus support?

ExpensePlus supports the 13 payment processors most commonly used by churches and charities. for these payment processors, if you choose, rather than having to manually reconcile payouts from these payment processors, you can upload and reconcile payment processor transactions within ExpensePlus which is often far more efficient.

As with regular bank matching, as soon as you reconcile transactions the first time around, ExpensePlus remembers these transactions - enabling recurring transactions to be bank-matched in a single click for all future months!

Quick Links

  • Find out how to add a payment processor account for payment processors that are supported here.
  • Find out how to convert a previously added payment processor into a payment processor account here.
  • If the payment process you have is not supported, find out how to reconcile transactions here.

Payment processors supported by ExpensePlus

Here are the payment processors for which you can upload and reconcile transactions in ExpensePlus, and the help guide articles you need for each one:

Star (*) Indicates this payment processor also handles Gift Aid (highly recommend if you are looking for a donations platform)

If the payment processor you use is not supported by ExpensePlus (is not in the above list), you will need to follow the instructions in this separate help guide article: How do I reconcile income for payment processors not supported by ExpensePlus?

Top tips when choosing which payment processors to use to collect income:

  1. Is it supported by ExpensePlus? If so, you will be able to save time and effort by simply uploading your payout statements each week or month rather than manually key in data.
  2. Can you easily claim Gift Aid on donations? It always surprises us how many churches and charities don't think about Gift Aid, and choose payment processors that either don't handle Gift Aid, handle Gift Aid but not GASDS, or that don't integrate with HMRC.
  3. What are the transaction fees? Different processors have different transaction fees, typically ranging from 2% to 5%. Different providers have different ways of charging fees, but typically ease of use and functionality can be more important than saving 0.5% in fees.

If you are looking for a donations portal, then check out Love Giving. It's quick to set up, easy to use, and has low fees. Best of all, it's fully integrated within ExpensePlus, including the handling of Gift Aid!

To better understand the Bank Reconciliation functionality, please watch the module overview video here.

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