How do I revoke a user's access?

You can revoke user access by clicking the 'deactivate' button next to the user's name in the User Settings screen.

If the 'x' button for the user you are wanting to deactivate is greyed out - hover over the icon to find out the reason why it is not possible to deactivate the user.

Common reasons include:

  • The user is a budget approver of one or more categories in either the current or previous financial years - to resolve this, use the 'replace approver' button at the top of the category settings screen to bulk update any categories this user is the approver of to be assigned to someone on else.
  • The user is the system administrator - to resolve this, make another user the system administrator within the system settings screen (note: it's only possible for users who have been assigned the role of 'finance team' to be system administrators)
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