How can I update a user's permissions?

User permissions are set within Manage Settings -> User Settings

Access to categories (view / submit)

Permission for which categories a user can view and submit against, and which purchase types they can submit is set per user. 

Simply click on the user you wish to view/edit to make changes (note the 'select fund' dropdown which is often overlooked)

Access to modules/reports

If you're wanting to configure access to a specific module or report, this is set within 'add / edit user roles'.

Simply select the role you wish to edit (or add a new user role)

Then select the modules / reports you wish user with that role to have access to

Note: if other users also share the same user role, you may wish to create a new bespoke role that you assign to this user (rather than giving everyone with the same user role access).

Further customisation

In addition to being able to restrict user access to each screen and report within the user role that you assign to them, you can restrict and grant access in several other ways as well - ***CLICK HERE*** to find out more.

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