How do I re-activate a user?

Users can be de-activated (and re-activated) within the user settings screen (which is within 'Manage Settings'). 

Note: Only users with permission to access the user settings screen (as set in their user role) will be able to access this screen.

Deactivating users

To deactivate a user, click the 'deactivate user' button to the right of the user (as shown below).

Note: the only user that can't be deactivated is the user that has been assigned the 'system administrator'. If you wish to deactivate this user, you will first need to go to the system settings screen and update the user set as the system administrator.

Reactivating users

If you wish to re-activate a user who has been deactivated e.g. you have accidentally de-activated a user, then you can also do this within the user settings screen.

Click the 'deactivated users' radial at the top of the screen, then click the tick button to the right of the user you wish to re-activate.

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