How do I access Training and Support?

ExpensePlus has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, enabling most users (particularly those with limited access) to get started with ExpensePlus without the need to read documentation or watch lots of training videos.

Getting Setup

With a simple 5 step setup process, getting set up is quick and easy. We've also created the following resources to help:

Getting Setup - this covers each of the setup steps

Customisation - further information about how to customise ExpensePlus

Importing Data - information about how to efficiently import and reconcile data if you are starting part-way through your financial year

User Training

For new Finance Users, we highly recommend signing up for an online tour of ExpensePlus. This 1 hour training covers all of the key modules and provides a brilliant overview of ExpensePlus, and the chance to ask questions. 

If you have multiple finance users in your organisation who would benefit from this training, then they are welcome to sign up too. If you are not able to make the sessions that are available, there is a pre-recorded session that you can watch here.

We wouldn't recommend regular users sign up for the online tour, as many of the modules covered in this training won't be relevant for them. As part of the welcome email from ExpensePlus to new users (when you set users up), there is a link to the module overview video for submitting purchases. This is all of the information most users need.

Further training resources include:

  • Module Overviews - these tutorial videos provide an overview of each module;
  • Additional Training Videos - these are aimed at Finance Users and provide further information about finance tasks.
  • Lunch & Learn - these training sessions cover a range of key topics, from how to use ExpensePlus to streamline your financial processes, to exploring the key concepts of Fund Accounting,

Online Support

ExpensePlus is incredibly intuitive, but if you get stuck, our searchable online help guide covers over 400 frequently asked questions, enabling you to find the answer you need quickly. To access the help guide, just click the blue 'help' button in the top right corner of ExpensePlus.

Often someone will have asked us the question you are asking before, so our help guide is a great place to go. But if you need further help, just click the yellow 'send us a message' button within the help guide to send us your questions and our support team will get back to you. Typically they reply to support requests within 2 hours!

Additional Training and Support

For churches and charities that would like additional training and support, click here to find out more about what we offer.

We don't offer phone support, but instead we take a more efficient approach to:

  1. Design a software product that is simple and intuitive;
  2. Create a brilliant help guide (with videos) that answers 99% of user's questions;
  3. Offer super speedy replies to support questions;
  4. Offer 1:1 bookable online support sessions.

We’ve found that the above approach lets us provide a great experience for our product, and it allows us to keep the subscription cost of our product low.

In short, we're ready and willing to help you when you need it!

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