Is there an ExpensePlus App?

On a phone or tablet, ExpensePlus looks and feels just like an App, and it can be added as a home screen shortcut.

ExpensePlus scales to fit on all mobile phones and tablets just like an App. The only real difference is that it uses your phone's browser, so there is nothing to download.

Zoom Settings on your Phone

If you are having issues with the screen automatically zooming too much on your phone, you can set a standard zoom for specific websites on your phone and it saves the zoom setting for the next time you open that page.

For example, in the screenshot below, the page is set to be at 150% zoom.

ExpensePlus is designed to work on mobile for entering expenses - not for viewing 10 column wide reports! If you do need to access the full range of screens you have access to on a mobile, you will need to rotate your phone to landscape and ensure auto-rotate is switched on.

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