Adding and Importing Donors

Within the Manage Donors screen, you can add donors and import donors.

Import Donors

The import option within ExpensePlus provides an easy way to import donor details in bulk. It is part of the 5 simple ExpensePlus setup steps.

To import donors:

  • click the 'Import' button at the top of the manage donor screen
  • then in the popup, download the template provided.

Once you've added your donor details to the template file, return to the popup, select the file, and click 'upload completed file'.

ExpensePlus will validate the data in your file. As part of the import process, if there are any data issues, you will see these on the screen. You can then fix any issues without re-doing the import.

Note: you need to use the template file provided (typically you can copy and paste your data into this).

Add Donors

To add a donor, click the 'Add Donor' option at the top of the manage donor screen. The first screen that appears contains the fields just for basic donor details.

Click 'save and continue', to add further donor details.

Note: there are tabs at the top of this screen for the different sections (Donor Details, Gift Aid Declarations, Communication, Engagements, Pledges).

Top tip: you can also add new donors when recording bank deposits or reconciling donations from the bank reconciliation screen. Then within the 'manage donor screen' add further donor details.

To better understand the Manage Donors module, please view the module overview here.

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