Do I need to upload Gift Aid declarations to ExpensePlus?

If you are using ExpensePlus to claim Gift Aid, then you will need to add/import and manage donor Gift Aid declaration information within the Manage Donors screen. Click here to find out how to add/edit Gift Aid declaration information for a donor.

When you enter the Gift Aid declaration details (as per the Gift Aid form the donor has completed and signed), you have the option to upload a digital copy of the paper declaration (a scan saved as PDF or image).

Many Churches and Charities find it helpful to store a digital copy of their paper declarations in this way, as it keeps everything in one place, provides a backup solution and you can simply click to view the file, should you ever want to check any details. Also, if HMRC ever requests to see a copy of the declaration, it is easy to download and send to HMRC digitally.

You don't have to upload digital copies of the declaration forms in order to claim Gift Aid in ExpensePlus, but if you don't upload good quality image files you will need to retain the original forms outside of ExpensePlus as required by HMRC. Gift Aid declarations should be kept until six years after the end of the accounting period they relate to.

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