How do I add / edit / cancel a Gift Aid declaration?

In order to claim Gift Aid on a donation, the donor needs to have completed a Gift Aid Declaration. It’s quick and easy to manage gift aid declarations within the Manage Donors screen in ExpensePlus. Simply click then 'Gift Aid Declarations' view, then select the donor you wish to view/edit.

As part of setting up ExpensePlus, there IS an option to upload donor details, including Gift Aid declaration details in bulk. If you are using ChurchSuite to claim Gift Aid (rather than ExpensePlus), then please note that you DON'T need to add donor Gift Aid declaration information within ExpensePlus - this information needs to be held within ChurchSuite.

Adding a new Gift Aid Declaration

(1) Select the 'Add New' button in the Gift Aid Declaration section

(2) Enter the Gift Aid declaration details as per the Gift Aid form the donor has completed and signed. You will need to complete all HMRC required fields in order to add it within ExpensePlus. You don't need to upload a digital copy of the declaration, however, if you don't upload it, you will need to retain a copy of the form as required by HMRC.

  • Declaration Date - this is the date the form was signed (and is just for reference)
  • Start Date - this is the date from which donations can be Gift Aided (Note: if the donor ticks the 'and donations made in the past 4 years' box on the declaration form, this date should be entered as 4 years prior to the declaration date)
  • End Date - this is the date from which the donor can no longer Gift Aid donations. Note: if donations have already had Gift Aid claimed on them after the date you set, a manual Gift Aid adjustment will need to be added when making a Gift Aid claim

Cancelling an existing Gift Aid declaration

(1) Select the donor, select the 'Gift Aid Declarations' view, then click the 'set end date' button (as shown below)

Editing declaration details

(1) Select the declaration (by clicking on it);

(2) Update the details, then select 'Confirm'

NOTE: if all the fields are greyed out (except the end date), then this means the declaration has already been used to claim Gift Aid for one or more donations. If this is the case, you won't be able to update it. Instead, you will need to click the link click the link at the top of the screen to replace the declaration.


Does a donor need to complete a new Gift Aid Declaration if their name or address changes?

HMRC guidance (section 3.9.1) says "If a donor changes their name or address, this will not invalidate the declaration. If the charity is notified of a change in the donor’s name or address, it must keep a record of the updated information — this can be kept as an electronic copy such as a scanned document. The declaration itself does not need to be amended, but a record of the change should be kept on the charity’s database."

You may however still want to ask the donor to complete a new Gift Aid declaration.

Should we ask all donors to complete a new Gift Aid form periodically in case their details have changed?

There is no requirement to do this, however it's highly recommend you do at least ask donors to confirm their Gift Aid Declaration details are still correct every 12-24 months.

HMRC guidance (section 3.9.1) says "If HMRC finds the details on a declaration are not enough to trace the donor, they may ask the charity to get more information to check the claim. If the charity fails to get this information, it’s likely that the declaration will be considered invalid. We would recommend that charities ask donors at regular intervals, possibly every 2 years, to check the personal details held."

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