ExpensePlus Data Security


Our software runs on servers that are fully redundant, with RAID disk arrays, dual network connections, dual power supplies, battery backup and generators. This means that if there were to be a hardware, network or power failure, ExpensePlus wouldn't be unaffected. You can view our server uptime here.


Data is hosted in secure, Tier 3 UK Data Centres that use state-of-the-art security. We never give our server passwords to anyone else, therefore no one else even comes close to your data and you can be sure your data is in good hands.


We use SSL encryption which means that all the data passing between your computer and our server does so using 256-bit military-grade encryption, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to see what you're sending. SSL is an industry-standard technology and one you're probably familiar with if you use online banking; it's the same technology used by all the major UK and international banks.

We also use multiple other technologies and procedures to help ensure that ExpensePlus is as secure as possible. These include:

  • Regular checks for common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and XSS attacks, using security scanning software.
  • Each organization has its own databases to ensure data is kept segregated.
  • Minimum length and strength password requirements, which are stored using a one-way password hashing algorithm. Additional Two Factor Authentication.


Email support is provided by the same UK based team of developers that built ExpensePlus, meaning you're guaranteed to be helped by one of our team of experts, every time.


In order to ensure your data is 100% safe, a backup copy of all data is performed on a daily basis to a separate server in a different part of the UK.


Our servers utilise the latest hardware and virtualisation technology ensuring peak performance for all your users.

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