Does ExpensePlus support system restore points (from backups)?

ExpensePlus is a safe, secure, and reliable system with an integrated backup solution. 

In order to ensure your data is 100% safe and in order to protect against the unlikely event of a catastrophic hardware failure on our primary servers or a major natural disaster, a backup copy of all data is performed on a daily basis to a separate secure server in a different part of the UK.

A 'system restore point' is terminology usually reserved for locally installed software (on a specific computer) which if recalled would allow you to roll back your data to an earlier backup 'snap-shot'. This isn't appropriate for a dynamic and 'live' cloud-based service like ExpensePlus, which thrives off multiple users interacting with the system on a continual basis. 'Rolling back' would inevitably cause you to lose track of some desired changes or additions to the system, as well as undoing anything perceived to have been entered by mistake. 

As ExpensePlus generally doesn't permit you to 'delete' things and certainly safeguards you from doing this by mistake, system restore points are largely redundant. 

How does ExpensePlus prevent deletion mistakes:

  • If you click the 'delete' button for a Supplier/Payee/User/Donor, you are actually 'deactivating' the item, not deleting it. You can choose to re-activate these as required. The system also doesn't permit deactivations which would affect 'live' and 'unreconciled' transactions - items still in a current workflow.
  • Where you legitimately need to make a deletion, the system will prompt the user of the implications and ask for confirmation. Therefore, it's highly unlikely this will be done by accident. 
  • ExpensePlus locks down the permissions of regular users, so apart from users with finance team access, most users can't edit, delete, or deactivate items in the first place.

If you are concerned that the above does not cover your perceived need to 'roll back' or reinstate data, please contact and a member of our team will happily talk with you about your specific requirements. Our backup solutions and system safeguards are significant to ensure you don't lose any data and we can often advise you on the best method to rectify any issues you are experiencing.

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