Do I need to store a local copy of my data?

ExpensePlus is cloud-based, so we take care of the hosting, security, and backups. You can read more here ExpensePlus data security.

Should you wish to keep a local copy of receipts, you can use the search expenses screen within ExpensePlus to identify newly entered purchases and download the receipts for these. We've also created the 'all transactions' report which allows you to export all your financial transactions really easily.

However, just like with online bank statements and email accounts etc. one of the main benefits of using a cloud-based system that is securely hosted and properly backed up is that you don't need to keep local copies.

Top Tip: If you still wish to download all receipts perhaps every 6 or 12 months and keep a copy of these locally, but don't wish to manually do this yourself then we are able to export all receipts in a zipped format and transfer these securely to you for a small fee of £15+VAT. To request this, please send us a message and we will validate your request.

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