Why aren't Fixed Asset Purchases showing up on my Income & Expenditure report?

Fixed asset purchases do not appear on income and expenditure reports because they are not an expense. With an expense, the value of the cash used for the purchase leaves your organisation, and is therefore no longer retained on your balance sheet. With a Fixed Asset purchase, the value of the cash is transferred to the value of the new asset which is retained on the Balance Sheet. A purchase is either a fixed asset purchase OR an expense.

Instead, Fixed Asset Purchases appear on the Fixed Assets screen and they increase the organisation's fixed asset value on your Balance Sheet.

However, as Fixed Assets depreciate, this depreciation WILL show within your income and expenditure reports. This will happen over a number of years (as set out in your organisation's financial policies) until the value of the asset is zero. Please read this help guide article for more details.

To gain a greater understanding of the functionality of Fixed Assets, please watch the module overview video here.

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