Receive £25 each time you recommend ExpensePlus!

Use your unique referral code to recommend ExpensePlus to another Church or Charity. If they subscribe using your referral code and become a paying customer, we will give them 10% off their first-year subscription and we’ll give you £25.

Just share either your unique sign-up link or referral code. For more details, as well as terms and conditions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find my unique referral code?

Click the user settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then select 'Recommend ExpensePlus'.

How does the person I send the referral code use it?

When the person you refer clicks the referral link, they will get taken to and your unique code will automatically be saved to their device. 

If they sign up for a free trial having clicked the referral link, the referral code will be automatically populated.

Note: If they change devices or the 7-day time period for the code has expired, they can just click the referral link again if needed. Remember, it's in the interest of the person signing up for a free trial to use the referral link/code you have sent them, as they will get 10% off their first year's subscription.

How will I know if a Church or Charity I recommend subscribes to ExpensePlus?

We will email you letting you know when a recommendation you have made has been successful and the Church or Charity you have recommended has subscribed and become a paying customer.

Note: we won't contact you when they sign up for a free trial, only if they subscribe to become a paying customer at the end of their free trial.

How much will I receive for a successful referral?

For each successful recommendation, you will receive £25 (or £15 if the organisation has an income of less than £10k per year, and is on our £5 per month plan).

How will the money be paid?

When we email you to let you know that a recommendation you have made has been successful, we will ask you to let us know your bank details so that we can transfer you the payment for the referral.

Alternatively, you can choose to be emailed an Argos Voucher instead (no bank details required).

Can I request for it to be paid to my Church or Charity instead of me?

Yes, that is no problem. Just let us know this when we contact you to let you know that a recommendation you have made has been successful.

When will I receive the money?

Payment will be made once the organisation you recommended to ExpensePlus has signed up to become a paying customer, and has paid £25 in subscription fees (or £15 in subscription fees if the organisation has an income of less than £10k per year and is on our £5 per month plan).

Typically, this will be within 1-2 months of the organisation becoming a paying customer.

What if the person I recommend doesn't subscribe?

ExpensePlus is unique in the features and benefits that it offers, and the time and money it saves, so recommendations are very often successful. 

Sometimes, however, there can be a delay in an organisation subscribing (e.g. they may wish to wait and transition at the start of a new financial year). So don't worry if they don't subscribe right away. As long as they use your unique code when they subscribe, the recommendation will still be valid.

Remember, it's in the interest of the person you refer to use your unique referral link/code when they sign up, as they will get 10% off their first year's subscription!

If a recommendation is unsuccessful, then do try again by recommending ExpensePlus to other Churches and Charities that you know or work with.

What if the unique code I send someone isn't used when subscribing?

Unfortunately, this promotion is only valid where the subscribing Church or Charity uses your unique code when signing up for a free trial.

However, it's in the organisation's interest to use this unique referral link/code, as it gives them a 10% discount on their first year's subscription, so this scenario is unlikely.

What if more than one person recommends ExpensePlus?

We base the referral on the unique referral code a Church or Charity enters when they sign up to trial ExpensePlus.

Although we do recognise that often multiple people may recommend ExpensePlus to another Church or Charity, we can only accept one referral code when an organisation registers for a free trial.

Is there a limit to the number of Churches & Charities I can recommend?

No! In fact, you will receive a referral payment for each Church or Charity you recommend that subscribes to become an ExpensePlus customer. Several users have recommended ExpensePlus to 5+ Churches and Charities, and have received over £100 in referral payments - there is no limit.

Is there an end date for this promotion?

Our recommendation promotion has been running for many years and is ongoing. We have no plans to end or change this (however, we do still reserve the right to do so).

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