Subscribing to ExpensePlus FAQs

This help-guide article covers FAQs relating to subscribing to ExpensePlus. We have two other help guide articles that cover:

Subscribing to ExpensePlus FAQs

When we subscribe, will we lose the setup we've done during the free trial period?

No, you won't lose any setup you have done. When you subscribe, your account will just continue as it did before - any setup you have done, such as adding bank accounts, donors, funds, categories, users, customers, payees, and suppliers that you have added, etc. along with any customisation you have done with the settings, will remain 100% unchanged when you subscribe.

When we subscribe, how do we clear the test transactions we've entered during the free trial period?

We can do this for you - just send us a message using the 'send us a message' link above. Once we've verified your request, and checked that only test data has been entered, we will clear any test transactions for you. If you have any questions about this, please do get in touch.

Can I subscribe, but not start using ExpensePlus until the start of our next financial year?

Do go ahead and subscribe to ExpensePlus before your free trial expires. If you are able to, we'd recommend that you also set up ExpensePlus ready for the start of your next financial year by completing the 5 setup steps

At the start of your new financial year, send us a message using the 'send us a message' link above and we can reset your system start date for you. In resetting your system start date you WON'T lose any of the setup you have done. Any funds, bank accounts, categories and donor information you have added will carry forwards into your new financial year. Any test data from your prior year will, however, be removed as a result of resetting your system start date. You can then just add/update your opening bank and opening fund balances once you know these.

Can I subscribe even though we are part way through our current financial year?

This isn't an issue. Once you have completed the 5 setup steps, you can then import and reconcile your year-to-date transactions by following the steps in this video:

Mid-Year Migration - Importing Data

The advantages of importing and reconciling your current year financial transactions, rather than waiting to start the new financial year, are that:

  • You can enjoy efficient, streamlined financial processes right away, with drillable reports your team can access. Any time spent invested in importing data should quickly be paid back.
  • You start mid-year, not at a time of year when things might be busier.
  • You will probably already know your opening fund balances by this point, so you will be able to set these up straight away.
  • It will mean your current year's data is all within ExpensePlus.

If however, you are approaching the end of your current financial year, then you might want to wait and not import all your transactions. You can use the 1 to 2 months you have before the start of your new financial year to get ExpensePlus set up and ready for going live. At the start of your new financial year, you WON'T lose any of the setup you have done!

How do I subscribe and get started?

Within your free trial account, simply click on the ‘Subscribe’ option at the top of the dashboard and choose your payment method. More information about how to subscribe can be found in this help guide article.

Setting up ExpensePlus is simple, with just 5 easy steps that are displayed at the top of the dashboard when you sign in to ExpensePlus.

If you haven't already done so, one of the best first steps is to book an Online Tour, where one of our team will show you around and answer any questions that you have.

If you have questions, our brilliant online help guide can also be accessed by clicking the blue 'help' icon within ExpensePlus. Within our help guide, you will find module overview videos for each module within ExpensePlus as well as additional training for finance users on the different tasks that need to be done and how to manage these. If you get stuck, just click the yellow button at the top of the help guide.

I'd like to subscribe by direct debit, but we require two signatures - is that an issue?

This isn't an issue, as the direct debit subscription process allows for this. There is a checkbox when subscribing via direct debit that enables you to select that you need more than one signatory.

This help guide article shows you how to subscribe to ExpensePlus.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your account anytime without giving us notice, and we’ll even export all of your data for free! You don't have to justify why you wish to cancel, and once we've verified your request, we'll cancel your subscription with immediate effect. If you subscribe by direct debit, please contact us no later than 7 days before your next subscription payment is due, so that we can cancel your subscription with sufficient time to prevent further payments from being taken.

To cancel your ExpensePlus subscription, just send us a message using the 'send us a message' link above, and once we've verified your request we will cancel your subscription for you.

How do I get a receipt for my subscription payments?

You can download receipts at the click of a button, this help guide article has the details.
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