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This help-guide article gives an overview of pricing and details of our monthly subscription fees, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about pricing.

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ExpensePlus Pricing Overview

We've priced ExpensePlus to be as affordable as possible for all Churches and Charities. We have based our pricing on the annual income of each organisation, with larger churches and charities paying more towards the support and development of ExpensePlus.

Our pricing is deliberately simple and clear. We promise that you won’t be charged any hidden extras, and all price plans come with access to all ExpensePlus features as well as all of our latest updates.

The monthly subscription fees are based on the total annual income of each organisation. Unlike other accounting packages, our pricing has remained unchanged for over 3 years, and the cost of our price plans is fixed until at least 2025! All price plans come with no limits on the number of users or transactions, full access to all product features and our latest releases, and outstanding customer support. Setup, support, and training are also free.

Monthly Subscription Fees

  • Annual Income Under £10k | £5 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £10k - £25k | £10 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £25k - £100k | £15 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £100k - £250k | £25 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £250k - £500k | £40 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £600k - £1m | £60 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £1m - £1.4m | £85 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £1.4m - £2m | £120 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £2m - £3m | £160 per month (INC VAT)
  • Annual Income £3m - £6m | £200 per month (INC VAT)

The feedback from churches and charities is that they save the subscription fee many times over, with efficiency savings such as staff not needing to fill out paper forms and then someone else entering all this data to create monthly accounts. But, ExpensePlus is much more than just about efficiency savings - it allows budget holders to view and manage their expenditure in live time, allowing users to view customised reports, Gift Aid, and invoicing to be managed much more easily.

Pricing FAQs

How much does ExpensePlus Cost?

We've priced ExpensePlus to make it affordable for all sizes of Churches and Charities. Further information about pricing can be found at the top of this page.

Are prices all-inclusive?

Yes! Price plans include access to:

  • Access to all system features
  • Brilliant help and support
  • Unlimited users and transactions
  • Online setup support and training

Why do larger churches and charities pay more?

Our goal with pricing is to make it as affordable as possible, so smaller churches and charities pay less towards the support, hosting, and development of ExpensePlus.

Do large gifts, special offerings, building projects, etc. count?

Yes,  all income an organisation receives counts towards the total income of the organisation. 

Note: Unless you are accounting on a Receipts & Payments basis, loans (e.g. a mortgage) are not income, and don't count towards your total income.

If I don't upload all my transactions to ExpensePlus, will I pay less?

Firstly, this wouldn't be recommended, since your financial information within ExpensePlus will be incomplete and your reports within ExpensePlus will be incorrect. It also won't reduce the fee you are charged, because pricing is based on the total income of your organisation, as stated in your end-of-year accounts, and that can be viewed publicly on the charities commission website.

What if our annual income goes above the threshold of the price plan that we're on?

We totally understand that the income of an organisation can go up as well as down. For example, during a financial year where you receive additional grants, legacies, or donations your income may go above the plan threshold that you are on, and then drop back below the threshold in the following financial year.

If this results in the total annual income of your organisation exceeding the plan you are on, then your subscription fee for ExpensePlus will increase for 12 months.

If your annual income in the following financial year is then within your usual plan, after 12 months, your subscription fee for ExpensePlus will decrease again.

If I didn't realise our annual income would be above the threshold, will my monthly subscription fee still increase?

It's often the case that you won't know that your annual income willl be above your subscription threshold until the end of your financial year, or even after the financial year has ended. This isn't an issue.

Your price plan will still increase for 12 months (before then decreasing again if the income in the following financial year drops below the threshold again).

To avoid a 'lag' between 'increased income' in one financial year, and '12 months of increased subscription fees' in the next financial year, where you know your organisation subscription plan needs to change, you can contact us upfront so we can make the adjustment sooner.

If you would prefer to make up the difference between the price plan you are/were on during the financial year, and the price plan you needed to have been on given the total annual income you received, then you can make a single 'catch up' payment if this is preferable. If so, please send us a message.

How do you validate if organisations are on the correct price plan?

We have an inbuilt management feature that alerts us when organisations appear to be on the incorrect price plan. We use this in combination with checking the publicly available data on the charity's commission website to verify that organisations are on the correct price plan. Where an organisation is on the wrong price plan, this will automatically be updated.

Does ExpensePlus come with help and support?

Yes, our prices include setup support, access to our training resources, and brilliant ongoing customer support.

How are payments taken?

You can subscribe to ExpensePlus by either debit/credit card (powered by Stripe), or by Direct Debit (powered by GoCardless). Payments are processed automatically each month.

Can we pay annually rather than monthly?

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel your account anytime without giving us notice, and we’ll even export all of your data for free!

Is it just churches and charities that can use ExpensePlus?

ExpensePlus is only for churches, charities, and other not-for-profit organisations.

Does it cost extra to add more users?

Most software is charged per user per month which quickly adds up, or the number of users is limited, forcing you to upgrade your price plan. ExpensePlus different. It comes with unlimited users on all price plans (and unlimited everything else too).

Can churches and charities outside of the UK subscribe?

ExpensePlus is used by churches and charities across the UK, with a growing number of churches and charities from outside of the UK signing up. The default currency in ExpensePlus is customisable, as are many of the settings and reports.

Do I have to sign a contract?

If you wish to sign up for ExpensePlus you must agree to our Licence Terms and Conditions which can be found here. These are just standard terms and conditions, but if you have any questions, please do send us a message.

There is no need to sign a contract and you can cancel your account at any time.

How do I subscribe to ExpensePlus?

Within your free trial account, simply click on the ‘Subscribe’ option at the top of the dashboard and choose your payment method. More information about how to subscribe can be found in this help guide article.

For other subscription FAQs, please see  this help guide article .
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