How do I add or change mileage rates?

You can add multiple mileage rates and edit these in System Settings in the 'Purchases' section:

You may choose to use multiple mileage rates, either for:

  • types of postholders (voluntary, employed, passenger);
  • or for types of transport (cycling, car).

Tiered rates

You can also specify a tiered rate based on the total business mileage claimed. For example, in accordance with HMRC guidance, you may have 1 rate for the first 10,000 miles and then a reduced rate thereafter.

Changing rates

Once a mileage rate has been used for a claim, it can no longer be deleted. It needs to remain as part of the audit trail for the system.

However, if you want to adjust your rate and use a different setup going forward, you can deactivate the rate using the 'X' symbol to the right of the settings table.

You can find out more information about UK government mileage rates (for tax purposes) at this link.

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