Can I produce a report detailing the amount of annual mileage claimed?

To view the amount of annual mileage claimed, you should follow these three steps.

  1. View your own purchases which you have entered by clicking the 'view all' option on the purchases screen:

  1. Download this information on your purchases, including mileage claims, as a .csv file using the button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Open the .csv in Excel (or an equivalent spreadsheet programme) and filter by  'claim type' = 'mileage'. The screenshot below shows in Excel where the filter option can be found. (Data tab, Filter, then apply the filter at the top of column D):

The column total will then provide you with an aggregate total of mileage claimed within the specified date range. 

Top Tip: You can alternatively ask a user with the role of 'finance user' to run you a report within the search purchases screen. This option is best where either (a) others have entered mileage claims on your behalf and/or you wish to search a date range that spans multiple calendar years. The report generated can similarly be filtered by claim type.

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