Can I duplicate or copy details from a previous direct debit or standing order?

You can copy the details of a previous direct debit or standing order to a new purchase with the same supplier. You can do this via:

This is particularly useful where the transaction requires a detailed breakdown, across multiple line items, categories, or funds.

For simple one-line transactions, the system will remember the supplier, payee and expenditure category automatically and it will already be included in your 'Quick Match Expenditure' list.

Via the Purchases Screen

When using the Purchases Screen, click on direct debit and select the supplier from the drop-down list, set the date and account.

Then click 'copy from a previous transaction' (see below). This button will only become active once you have selected a supplier with a prior transaction to copy.

This short video clip shows the steps (this video has no sound):

Via Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile the transaction in the normal way, by clicking on it from the left-hand table of the 'bank matching screen' and then choosing Direct Debit/Standing Order.

Once you have selected this option, click 'enter a split transaction' and then follow the instructions from the screenshot or in the video above as if entering via the Purchases screen.

To help you better understand the Purchasing module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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