How do I record Direct Debit and Standing Orders?

Direct Debit and Standing Order payments can be entered via the 'Direct Debits' purchasing type through the 'Purchases' screen. But typically this is done when bank matching as it's quicker.

Reconciling Direct Debits / Standing Orders the first time

Once you have uploaded your bank transactions, on the reconcile transactions screen, simply click on the transaction in the left-hand table. In the dropdown that appears, select the 'Direct Debit /  Standing Order / Fees' option.

Note: you can set whether receipts are required for Direct Debit purchases entered via the bank reconciliation process - click here to find out more.

Reconciling Direct Debits / Standing Orders automatically each month

Once a direct debit / standing order has been reconciled, for all future months you will be able to reconcile it automatically without keying in any information using the quick match buttons at the top of the Bank Reconciliation screen (exclude any transactions you may wish to). 

Manually Entering Direct Debits / Standing Orders each month (alternative option)

If you would like to enter Direct Debits / Standing orders via the purchases screen, you can edit your settings to provide this option. Go to 'System Settings', and then click the 'edit settings' button on that screen. You will find an option for enabling the direct debits option to appear on the purchases screen on this popup. 

Note: if the option is already enabled but you are not seeing it at the top of the purchase screen, then you need to ask your system administrator to add the purchase submission option to your user access within the user settings screen.

If you choose this option, entering Direct Debits / Standing Orders works the same as entering other purchase types. Except they will not appear on the payments screen and will automatically be marked as paid and appear on the right-hand table on the Bank Reconciliation screen.

Transactions entered this way will need to be entered manually. However, there is an option to copy a previously entered transaction once you have selected the supplier.

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