Why aren't recurring transactions quick-matching?

Top Tip: Read this help guide article for more details about quick-matching transactions during bank reconciliation. 

ExpensePlus uses the memorized bank reference (from the description column of the statement) for quick-matching purposes. At the point of reconciling the transaction for the first time, ExpensePlus gives you the option to memorise this reference as is, or to edit/remove any part of the description that will not appear on future transactions, e.g. date/time stamps. 

If the bank reference has been appended with a date/time stamp and/or a unique reference, you can remove this by clicking 'yes' to this question and removing the part of the reference that is unique, leaving the part that will appear on future transactions from this donor/supplier.

Once this step is completed, the bank reference (amended or otherwise) will sit in the Manage Remembered Transactions screen, which is accessible from the bank matching screen.

If a transaction that you believe to be recurring is not available for quick matching, review the options within the Manage Remembered Transactions screen and amend the references accordingly. It may be that a reference needs to be shortened, or that you have conflicting memorised references. To do this, just click on the row you wish to edit.

To better understand the Bank Reconciliation module, please view the module overview video here.

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