Direct Debit Receipts

Within ExpensePlus you can choose whether direct debit receipts are 'required' or 'optional'.

  • If set to 'required', then all direct debit purchases that are entered (whether via the purchases screen, or via the match transactions screen either via quick match, or manually added) will be shown within the receipts screen as awaiting a receipt until a receipt is either provided or is marked as lost and then authorised as lost.
  • If set to 'optional', then all direct debit purchases won't require a receipt, however, one can still be added.

Top Tip: to adjust direct debit receipt settings, go to system settings and under the 'receipts' section, you can change the setting by selecting the 'edit' button to the right (as shown below).

Important: Changing this setting WILL affect direct debits that already exist. If you are changing Direct Debit Receipts from being 'required' to being 'optional' any direct debits without a receipt will stop showing as 'outstanding' on the receipt screen. However, you can click on the 'view purchases without receipt' button at the top of the receipt screen and add receipts to any direct debits you choose.


What do I do if direct debit receipts are set to 'required' but I can't get hold of a particular receipt?

In this scenario, you will need to mark the receipt as 'lost'. 

The quickest way to do this is from within the receipts screen, where you can simply click the 'upload receipt' button to the right of the purchase, then at the bottom of the popup that appears select 'mark as lost'.

Note: You can also do this from within the purchases screen to the right of the purchase, or when entering / editing a purchase in the popup that appears when you click 'submit'.

Once the receipt for the direct debit has been marked as lost, at the top of the receipt screen, a user with Finance Team permission will need to click the 'authorise lost' option, then select 'confirm' to the right of the purchase to complete the process.

What do I do if direct debit receipts are set to 'optional' but I want to add a receipt?

If Direct Debit Receipts are set as optional, then you can still upload a receipt. 

Direct Debits that currently don't have receipts (along with other purchases without a receipt) can be found within Receipts -> view purchases without a receipt.

Within the 'Purchases Without a Receipt' screen - select the financial year, use the search box to find the direct debit you wish to upload the receipt to, and then click the 'upload receipt' button on the right-hand side of the screen.

To help you better understand the Receipts module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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