How do I submit a payment request to Petty Cash?

Recording petty cash expenditure is different from submitting a payment request for other purchase types. As an actual petty cash tin exists, and when you record the expenditure, actual cash will be removed from the tin.

Your petty cash tin may be managed by an individual with a central finance role or it may be used on a self-service basis. Whatever your local arrangements, it is important that a receipt is recorded against the transaction and expenditure is approved by the appropriate budget holder. 

If you have permission to record petty cash expenditure, you can record the purchase in the normal way as shown below.

The expenditure will then go through the first two stages of the normal flow of 'Receipt Checking-->Approval'. There is no payment as you have already paid from petty cash or bank reconciliation as the withdrawal has already been recorded.

If you don't have permission to manage petty cash expenditure on your own, you will need to speak with a Finance Team user. They will be able to either record the expenditure for you or adjust your user permissions, depending on your organisation's policy and preferences.

To help you better understand the Petty Cash module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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