Expenditure Category Transfers

Your charity or church may have decided to allocate or 'ring-fence' a specified % of your expenditure each month for a specified purpose. For example, 10% of your expenditure budget is to be allocated toward your building fund, or perhaps your reverses fund. 

Equally possible, you might have a project or event that sits inside a separate fund that you have agreed to subsidise with money from another fund, or perhaps you need to cross-charge expenditure too.

Where any of these are the case, these can be accomplished using the 'transfer between categories' feature within the ExpensePlus Adjustment screen which will allow you to record this transfer from your general fund, into each of the appropriate categories within your designated (or restricted) funds. 

Note: it's not possible to record this as an expenditure transfer out of one fund into the other fund as income, as this would result in your annual income and expenditure both being over-inflated in your end-of-year accounts.

Split a transaction across multiple funds or categories

If you are looking to cross charge expenditure, before adding a transfer between expenditure categories, it could be worth considering whether a simpler way to 

In the example below, a single expense transaction can be split across multiple categories and funds, dividing up a wholesale catering invoice for 3 different purposes.

Even if this split is not completed at the point of purchase, you can retrospectively edit the transaction (from the Purchases screen) to create the 'split'.

Cross-Charging through the Adjustment module

Alternatively, if you want to apportion income or expenditure from one category to one or more others, you can do this within the Adjustments screen--> Category Transfers.

By using the Expenditure Category Transfers button, the example below illustrates how the same split (above) can be achieved as a 'cross-charge'.

If desired, you can do this incrementally for specific amounts or transactions, or less frequently with greater sums. 

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