What are adjustments for?

The Adjustments module in ExpensePlus allows you to:

  • record accruals, deferments, prepayments, creditors, and debtors;
  • make fund to fund transfers;
  • make transfers between income categories or expenditure categories.

It is mainly used at year-end when preparing your annual accounts, or when preparing management accounts on an accruals basis.

This separate article gives an overview of the Adjustments module and the different options listed above: Adjustments Module Overview

You can also use it throughout the year if you want to account for income or expenditure in specific months. For example, accounting for your Gift Aid claim on a monthly basis when claimed less frequently, however this is optional.

Please watch this overview video which explains the functionality of the Adjustments module:

To help you better understand the Adjustments module as a whole, please visit the module overview page here.

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