Income Category Transfers

Your charity or church may have decided to allocate or 'ring-fence' a specified % of your income each month for a specified purpose. For example, 10% of unrestricted donations are to be allocated toward external giving/support of partner organisations

Where this is the case, these funds will often need to be accounted for within a designated fund, although you could choose to top-up a restricted fund as part of this process, if you wish. Please click here to find out more about fund types. 

This can be accomplished using the 'transfer between categories' feature within ExpensePlus Adjustment screen which will allow you to record this transfer from your general fund, into each of the appropriate categories within your designated (or restricted) funds. 

Note: it's not possible to record this as an expenditure transfer out of one fund into the other fund as income, as this would result in your annual income and expenditure both being over-inflated in your end-of-year accounts.

Income Category Transfers

Within the category transfers screen:

  • Create an Income Category Transfer, manually calculate the value of the % income you require to transfer, and then allocate this value out of the income line in the general fund as negative income, thus arriving into your designated fund as income. 
  • Please note, you will need to manually calculate the % and then to key in the monetary value. There is no mechanism to transfer by %.
  • If you are routinely doing this, we suggest creating a specific income category for the purpose of allocating the split negative income categories, to maximise visibility. (Please see below).

The steps are shown in the screenshots below:

Figure 1: Income Category Transfers:

Figure 2: Effect of income category transfers on 'Source' category:

Figure 3: Income Report for recipient categories:

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