Quick matching donors doesn't appear to be working. What's wrong?

Recurring donations (usually those received by Standing Order) should be available in the 'Quick match Income' screen in Bank Reconciliation. This will allow you to reconcile 10s or 100s of recurring transactions at the touch of a button.

Once you have reconciled a transaction manually for the first time, if you click the button to remember the transaction, it will be available to be quick matched in the future. 

Please read this help guide article to find out how to memorise a transaction for future quick matching.

You can review any transactions due to be quick matched, by clicking the 'Quick match Income' button at the top left of the screen. 

Please read this help guide article to explore common causes why transactions may not quick-match.

A common reason for recurring transactions not matching is where a bank account appends the transaction reference with a unique identifier or date stamp.

By reviewing and amending the memorised transactions, using the 'Manage Remembered Transactions' button on the top right of the screen, you can edit the reference to include the shortened unappended version.

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